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Welcome to the Loop Scout Website

The new Loop Scout web site has been completely re-designed to streamline the user experience, and at the same time offer better information.

Benchmarking your plant performance has been made easier with Honeywell's Benchmarking Services. In simple steps you can collect data from your plant and upload to this secure website and receive your Benchmarking report. Attainment is a key performance indicator that is now available for the below mentioned factors that impact your plant's throughput:
  • - Control Loop performance
  • - Alarm performance
  • - APC Controller performance
  • - more to come...

The benchmark report provides Attainment metrics for your site compared against the rest of the world, your specific industry and even at Process Unit level.

To get started, register now and download the Data collectors. If you have any questions, Click here to contact us.


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Designed for the busy I/E Technician and Control Engineer, Loop Scout monitors control loops, detects and prioritizes problems, intelligently diagnoses root causes and suggests resolutions.
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